2 last characters in the preview window

if i use the preview window for txt files, the last 2 characters are missing.

i don't know if it's for all kinds of files.

i want to know if i'm the onlyone with this "bug"

ths for all.

edit: not the last 3 characters; the last 2 only

I haven't seen this problem before.

Could you put one of the affected text files somewhere for us to try it? Maybe there's something particular about it (like end-of-line/file markers, or UNICODE text?).

Also, are you using the standard Opus Text plugin to view them, or the SourceCodeViewer plugin? (Both seem fine to me, but it's an important distinction.)

Finally, operating system are you using and are you using the ANSI or the UNICODE version of Opus?

i use ansi directory opus;
windows xp sp2 last updates;
the standard opus text plugin with standard settings;
ultra edit for text files;

i don't see the last 2 characters (t.)


if i create an txt file with windows notepad, it's the same. :confused:

but if i see a txt file that i didn't create, all works fine. :confused:

strange thing.

thx for all.

Yes, very strange. It's fine for me on WinXP Pro SP2 with the UNICODE Opus:

There's nothing unusual about the file really, straight ANSI text file as shown in the hex view.

Only thing I can think of for you to try is installing the UNICODE Opus and see if it works better. (You can install it over the top and shouldn't lose any settings, except that the default toolbars may be replaced, but your old ones will be backed up.)

Let us know if it does turn out to be an ANSI vs UNICODE issue. If it doesn't I don't know what else to try, and it could be a problem with the wrong common controls DLLs being installed by something, or similar nastiness.

same problem with opus unicode.

if installed it on a new "clean" windows with some wellknown programs.

could you give me a list of dlls, that are improtant for the preview and the version and size?
then i could look for differents.

the problem i remember was also on opus 7.x version.
and only on txt that i made.
with other txt nor problem.


thx for all.