2 places where visibilty of backup descriptions would be useful

Hi folks,
when doing a
Settings / Backup and Restore
one can choose to add words to a description field

However, i can find nowhere this information is surfaced

  1. as a lister column in the backup folder
    e.g. it does not appear in the description lister column,
    despite the field having the same name.
  2. in the restore process

It was clever to create some useful information like this,
as filenames can't do that job well,
and the information can be very useful,
especially if a backup contains many recent config changes
that the user finds especially useful.

But if it's never visible, that erases that usefulness.
surfacing it in the description column would be helpful,
and also make it available to search against.

On balance, it looks like the benefits of this
feature cannot be fully realized due to the absence
of visibilty of the information after the backup has
been taken.

Your thoughts ?

The Description column does show it already.

Are you sure it does? Looks like only ExifTool can display it as "File-Comment".

I am fairly sure, yes. :slight_smile:

I knew it. I just knew it! :wink:

Set COLUMNSTOGGLE="scp:ExifTool/File-Comment(!,a,0)"
Set COLUMNSTOGGLE="desc(!,a,0)"
Set COLUMNSTOGGLE="imagedesc(!,a,0)"
Set COLUMNSTOGGLE="moddesc(!,a,0)"
Set COLUMNSTOGGLE="userdesc(!,a,0)"

Try adding .ocb to the extensions list in Preferences / Zip & Other Archives / Zip Files; that might be why it's working for me. (It's stored as a generic zip comment.)

Yes. Now I see it as well :slight_smile:

Bit surprising, but so be it.

Is there a reason the config you've suggested is not included as part of the default config for opus ?