2 toolbars for Nero Burning ROM 9 (with icons)

Threads/articles for alternative versions:

I updated the Nero toolbar posted in this thread: Nero Toolbar for Nero 7 Ultra Edition to work with Nero 9. This toolbar uses nerocmd.exe and executes commands in dos command dialog boxes.

If you don't like dos dialogs, you can use the second toolbar. This is kind of a jump toolbar. Some buttons open Nero and jump to the desired dialog box and some buttons open only small dialogs without opening the whole application.

Windows 32 and 64 bit versions have different default install paths so there are 2 zipfiles one for each system type.

I also added a small icon package. Feel free to modify the toolbar or shout if it has errors.

So this is what it looks like. Hope it is useful.
Neropus 9 64-bit.zip (85.9 KB)
neropus 32-bit.zip (85.8 KB)

The .dop toolbar definitions are just text files so for 32-bit users the path can be quickly changed by using the search & replace feature of your favourite text editor.

Just search for Program Files (x86) and replace with Program Files in the two .dop files within the zip.

Exactly leo :smiley: , I didn't think of that . I edited the post and added both versions.