~32k limit for GetHelpContentData.addHelpPage()?

I'm 99.9% sure that there is a ~32K size limitation for GetHelpContentData.addHelpPage(), more precisely: 32413 bytes work, 32414 bytes don't. The external file is read to a string, both via Script.loadHelpFile() and manually, and added via addHelpPage(). Both OSP and non-OSP scripts have this limitation and page simplicity/complexity does not play a role.

SimpleOver32k.osp (1.1 KB)
SimpleUnder32k.osp (1.1 KB)

Is this an intentional limit for user scripts only? It's not something that needs to be increased, I could work around it, but it is surprising because there are significantly larger pages in standard help. This doesn't look like a bug, asking purely out of curiosity.

But this one is most likely a bug. Even when both OSPs are cropped to under 32k, if both are loaded and activated, clicking help for either one makes the help page hang, a "loading" icon shows up but proceeds no further. There are no errors in browser console and all file names & titles are unique. Enabling only one makes the help pages work again.

Thanks for reporting this! We've fixed it for the next beta.

It wasn't an intentional limit. We were using a Windows API that has quite small size limits, without realising it. We've replaced that code.

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You guys are as awesome as always! It was just curiosity, but awesome nonetheless. (giant htmls here we come!)

Quick question though: Have you tried out the 2nd portion, the likely bug, as well? I suspected it might indicate a problem which occurs only when 2+ scripts have their own help. Or does your change already include that, too?

Looking into that, thanks for pointing it out!

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That has been fixed for the next update as well. Thanks again.

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