3D object preview

I put this question here earlier : https://resource.dopus.com/t/3d-object-preview-3mf-fbx-glb-glbt-obj-ply-stl/29541 but got no answer yet, so I've created a new Topic...

Hello Leo,
Could you elaborate on what you mean by "an alternative compatible viewer"? I'm one of those cavemen who's still trying to invent the wheel using Windows 7 and would love to have this functionality in Directory Opus. Hope there's an alternative way of doing 3d in a viewer as you seem to suggest.
On a related node: it would also be great to view Blender files (*.blend) like this. Blender is open source and I'm sure the required API(?) is out there...
Ok, have a great day!

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"An alternative viewer" just means any other viewer component which someone has written which works as a preview handler.

Preview handlers are a type of component Microsoft defined that can work in the viewer panes in Windows Explorer / File Explorer, Outlook, Opus and some other programs.

The preview handler API is quite simple to implement. In this case the hard part would be decoding and rendering the 3D object formats. So for the people who already know how to do that and already have code to do it, converting that code into a preview handler should not be that difficult. But whether anyone else has, other than Microsoft with the 3D Object Viewer that comes with Windows 10, I do not know.

(Opus also has its own custom plugin API which viewers can be written for, but we'd already know if there was a viewer written for that.)

Thank you for the explanation. I was under the impression that I missed something, despite considering myself to be up to speed with anything 3d-graphics related. Perhaps a solution will show up in the future and when my Win7 days are over, I'll certainly give the option Win10 offers a try.