3D View showing different mesh

DOPUS Viewer is showing a "T Pose" rather than the actual exported mesh.

  1. Exported from Poser 11.1
  2. viewed in Autodesk FBX View
  3. viewed in DOPUS Viewer Pane

I don't know why it is doing that. It's not our viewer.

We didn't write the viewer; we only provide what it needs to run inside of Opus, the same as it runs inside of File Explorer.

From 3D Object preview (3mf, fbx, glb, gltf, obj, ply, stl) :

That's assuming it's the Windows 3D Object viewer that you're using. If it's an entirely different viewer than I know even less about it. Either way, we're the wrong people to ask; you need to ask the people who wrote the viewer/component in question.