3D Viewer getting hung up?

I've read that the 3D viewer is built in now, but when I open the viewer pane I just get a waiting progress bar that never makes it past about 5%, with any model I try.

Clipboard Image (4)

Is there anything else I need to install?

The 3D Object Viewer is a component Microsoft wrote, and then seemed to immediately fill with bugs and then abandon within six months. It's a huge disappointment.

We don't have anything to do with it, other than that Opus can host he same viewers that File Explorer can. If you see the same issue viewing the same file in File Explorer's viewer pane, complain to Microsoft and maybe they'll fix their code.

Thanks Leo. Oof, yes I can see that the same thing happens in the preview pane in explorer.

Does anybody know of any other 3rd party 3D Object viewers that can be used with DOpus for viewing .fbx, .obj, .stp files and such?

There's an app in the Microsoft store called "3D Viewer" which views files, but I don't see any way to hook it up through DOpus. Will just have to set them up as a filetype I guess.