3rd panel for Everything search

Any chance that we could convert the Folder Tree into a temporary search result panel?

Having the Everything search native is great, though most of us are likely used to interacting with the Everything search in its own results window and then having Dopus open with it's 2 panels, which is versatile for comparing files/more complicated file manipulations.

Currently With the Everything search in Dopus v13b, if you have 2 panels active, I assume you'd have to open a new tab in one of them for the search results, and then if you want to compare files in other locations and need 2 panels, you'd have to flip between tabs or other dopus windows.

It would be useful for a toggle to (temporarily?) show search results in the Folder Tree panel, if one would want to.

Or, if not in the folder tree, in a third panel (similar to the synchronise panel)

Thanks for reading.