3rd Party 'special folders'


I own Daemon Tools Pro, and have set up my 'Image Catalog' with all my backup ISOs etc. This is shown in Explorer as a 'special folder' I can navigate to & mount files from.

However, it doesn't show at all anywhere in DO. Is this fixable at my end or does it need to be specifically supported for it to work?


If you drag the folder from Explorer to the end of the folder tabs in Opus, does it open then?

It won't let me drag directly from Explorer to there.

I've discovered though that I can create a shortcut to it on a physical drive (e.g. C:) and then move it around within Opus from there (including folder tabs). So at least I can use it.

You should be able to put the same shortcut into a toolbar or menu, if that's how you want to navigate to it. Adding it to Favorites or QuickAccess should also work.