4 Button Mouse Back/Forward action not working

I have a 4 button mouse and have configured 2 of its buttons to send ALT-Left Arrow and ALT-Right arrow so I can go back or forward using my mouse. Every application that can go back / forward works fine with this setting, except Directory Opus I went into Customize-Keys and added these settings in there. No go. I clicked on "System wide hotkey" and no go, but now when I focus on my web browser, Directory Opus goes back / forward when I hit the keys.

How can I make Directory Opus go back / forward when I click on my mouse buttons that send ALT-Left Arrow & ALT-Right Arrow keystrokes? Hitting these keys on my keyboard works fine, just mouse buttons are ignored.

You definitely do not want to make those hotkeys system-wide.

Opus comes with Alt + Left Arrow / Alt + Right Arrow hotkeys out of the box, provided the default "Menu" toolbar has not been turned off. If you delete the hotkeys you have created and turn on (or backup & reset, if it's on but heavily modified) the Menu toolbar, do things work?

Does it work if you manually push Alt + Left Arrow on the keyboard? If so, your mouse drivers must be sending the keyboard input to the wrong place. (Which drivers are they?)

Finally, the Back / Forward buttons on the mouse would normally be configured to send actual Back / Forward buttons, rather than Alt + Left Arrow / Alt + Right Arrow. Windows has specific keys/buttons for those events, although Opus will respond to both by default. Using the Back / Forward keys may be better with some things, though. (If you look down the hotkeys list, near the bottom you should find Browser Backward, Browser Forward and a few other related hotkeys with the Media Key type.)

I have not turned off the default "Menu" toolbar.

The Alt+Left Arrow / Alt+Right Arrow that comes with Opus work when I hit the keyboard keys, and so do my custom Alt+Left Arrow / Alt+Right arrow. When I hit my mouse buttons that send Alt+Left Arrow / Alt+Right Arrow keyboard keystrokes, Opus is the only application that does not respond to them. Every other app on my PC works with these keyboard keys sent from my mouse. Resetting the toolbar to factory defaults did not help.

Making my mouse send browser back for forward did not help. Why is opus the only program that does not react to alt+left arrow sent from a mouse?

Your mouse drivers must be sending the keys to the wrong part of the window, since pushing the keys via the keyboard is working.

Which drivers are you using?

(We've tested with the built-in Windows drivers, Logitech MouseWare + SetPoint, and Microsoft IntelliPoint.)

I have a Kensington Slimblade trackball and am using drivers: TrackballWorks 1.1.18 for Windows (32-bit_64-bit) Jul 19 2012.
What I find interesting, is that Opus is the only application that does not work with this. I am even sending the keyboard keys, to make sure I circumvent any incompatibilities. I have used this mouse with Windows Explorer, UltraExplorer and WinBrowser. They all work with the keystrokes I configured the mouse to send, along with any browser I use Firefox, IE, Chrome & Safari.

Equally, those are the only mouse drivers we know of to cause that problem with Opus. :slight_smile:

If they were sending the keys properly, the result would be the same as pushing the keys on the keyboard, so it can only be a mouse driver issue.

I just discovered something crazy. I stumbled upon a feature that when I hit the shift key on my keyboard and move my trackball, it causes the same Back/Forward commands to be sent.
Directory Opus responds to this, but not to the buttons that send the same commands. This I cannot understand. Same trackball, buttons do not cause Back/Forward in Opus, but scroll ball does.