4k Display at 200 DPI: Best Options?

What is the best way (currently on v11.17) to work with Dopus on a 4k display at 200 DPI? I've tried toggling the Image Size to Large on all my toolbars but they're just not very consistent.

The two main things are:

Any specific problems you need help with?

Thanks. I had forgotten about that icon set.

How do I increase the icon size for the icons that show up in the path bar?

What about the context menus that are not covered in the Customize dialog? ex. the Folder or File context menus?

The file display toolbar can be changed the same as normal toolbars, and will use the same toolbar icons as normal toolbars (unless you've overridden where the icons come from on the individual buttons, of course).

Context menus use the same icon set as toolbars, for icons that come from an icon set, and get the other icons from Windows (which will DPI scale them itself), so nothing special should be needed there (assuming nothing has been overridden to point to a specific icon set with smaller icons, same as above).

PS: Remember to move the XL icon set to the top of the list so it takes priority for normal buttons that don't specify a particular icon set. They'll use the first set in the list with the icon they request.

(In the future we will also be making standard DPI icon sets automatically scale so they can be used, albeit at a lower fidelity, without having to be replaced, if people want to. But that's not ready yet.)

The file display toolbar didn't upscale at first but after messing around with some other toolbars it seemed to fix itself somehow.

I did move the XL icon set to the top. I already had it downloaded from a few years ago but just had it at the bottom of the list.

Thanks. (and looking forward to new releases on this stuff. I applied the b1 this morning so I'll be on the lookout).