A couple of questions

Hi All, I've been a DO user for a few years now and have a couple of questions
First I use DO9 as it works just fine for me even though I have the DO10 licence, I can't remember exactly but there was something about 10 I didn't really like

Anyway, first, is there some way to make dialogue boxes stay where you last left them, the progress box specifically, I want it to sit about 2cm up and across from the bottom right hand corner

And second, is there a one button tool for the following:
I want to be able to sort folders alphabetically with one button click
then be able to disable all sorting with one button click

It's annoying to have to go to tools/folder options/Display, then check the box then go OK, unfortunately 4 unnecessary clicks

Any help will be much appreciated


I think I can help you with question 2 using Dopus 11. The code I have below uses global variables, so it won't work with Dopus 9 or 10.

Here's a button that toggles sorting folders alphabetically or date modified reverse.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<button backcol="none" display="both" textcol="none">
	<label>Sort Toggle</label>
	<tip>Sort folders alphabetically  /  Date modified reverse</tip>
	<function type="normal">
		<instruction>@toggle:disable:if $glob!:MYsort </instruction>
		<instruction />
		<instruction>@set glob!:MYsort</instruction>
		<instruction>Set SORTBY=name SORTREVERSE=Off SORTORDER=Folders </instruction>
		<instruction />
		<instruction>@set glob!:MYsort=1</instruction>
		<instruction>Set SORTBY=modified SORTREVERSE=on SORTORDER=Folders</instruction>

[ol][li]Progress dialogs always open in the middle of the window they're related to. Although in Opus 11 there's the option to not open them at all initially, and show progress on small bars in a space that is added to the bottom of the lister, which we've been using for a while and quite like. (You can click the bars to open the old progress dialogs for more information, so they are still there but they don't get in the way unless you want to see them.)

[li]What is meant by "disable all sorting"? The files and folders have to be sorted according to some criteria, so you can't disable sorting; you can only change how the sorting is being done.[/li][/ol]

The button in the previous post probably has some issues since it's using a global variable to control state that is local to the current file display. (If you switch to another window or change folders, the global variable would then be the wrong way around.)

I think you can do the same thing without using a variable at all, just by using @ifset to check one of the things being toggled, but I'm not sure exactly what needs to be toggled yet so I'll wait to understand that fully before suggesting a command, as the wrong command could just confuse matters.

Update: A simplified version of the button which doesn't use variables can be found in my reply here. It'll still require Opus 10 or 11, since @ifset wasn't in Opus 9.