A few Qs

1 How do I enter the BPM (beats per minute) values in the BPM columns?

2 Does DO have a ratings column?

3 Is there a tag function, meaning I can filter files by keywords?

[quote="2Rec"]1 How do I enter the BPM (beats per minute) values in the BPM columns?

2 Does DO have a ratings column?

3 Is there a tag function, meaning I can filter files by keywords?[/quote]

For 1 please look here: resource.dopus.com/viewtopic.php ... hlight=bpm

atm you have to use an ID2 tag editor, like you can access from Winamp or the like.

For 2, Opus has no such thing as a rating column

For 3, you can use the description field, which has to be enabled in your settings (just type the word in the search field). You can search inside the informations in the description field then. In a way, of course, you can even use it as sort of rating field.

For more Qs, please open a separate thread for each topic.

That thread is out-of-date as BPM is supported as a read-only column which Opus will show. (I've put a note in the thread in case other people find it.) Opus still cannot edit BPM tags, though, so you're still right that an external tag editor will be needed to change them.

Abr's other answers are correct/up-to-date. Support for rating columns and more advanced tag support are both on the feature request list, FWIW.

Yes, see the FAQs for why we ask that people do this.

Ok thanks, I'll use sony media manager for the tags , any change DO will be able to read sony media manager tags in the future?

What kind of files/tags are they? Is this for an older Sony player that uses ATRAC?

no, I meant the media manager that is built into acid pro and vegas. really nice tagging features check it out. would be cool to see something like that in DO.

If you want me, GPSoftware, or another developer to volunteer to write a tag plugin for you then you'll have to explain what you want.

I've heard of Vegas and Acid but never used them and don't know a lot about them except that they seem to be something to do with media production. I'm not about to download and install a complex piece of software and then hunt around it to try and understand what you mean when you could just explain it here.

I don't know what kind of tags or audio formats (or if we're even talking about audio and not video or something else) we're talking about here. Are they embedded in the audio files? In a separate database? Do they show things that Opus shows already (Artist, Title, Bitrate, etc.) or completely new data? Are these formats that Opus already handles but with an alternative tagging system, or are they standard formats but ones which Opus doesn't handle yet, or are they formats specific to the app which nothing else uses? If they're specific to the app, is there any documentation on them?

Here is sony media manager and a brief expatiation of what it does
sonycreativesoftware.com/aci ... diamanager

Basically I'm just trying to get everything that is related to files done in one application.

ATM I'm looking to organize and tag all my media files. Most importantly wav files. I've looked at sony media manager for that but haven't actually started the process of tagging yet. So since i use DO all the time i was wondering if i could do all that stuff in DO instead of having to start up media manger which is not a stand alone app but embedded in acid pro (so it doesn't star up very fast). If anyone knows a better and leaner alternative to media manager let me know.

I don't care if the meta data is embedded in the files or stored in a database. I use wav files mostly so I guess it would have to be a database since I MUST be able to use BPM and Ratings tags.

Also I use Microsoft sync toys to synchronize multiple folders which DO doesn't seem to do.

So all in all what I want is just to do everything in one application.

expatiation = explanation :smiley:

Seems that Sony's MediaManager uses a database, stored in .medialib files, but I couldn't find any documentation on the format of them.

Might be worth finding one on your system and checking if it's a simple text/XML file. If not though then it'd be difficult to support unless someone tracks down the info or a library for working with the format.

here is one of the medialib files. 2shared.com/file/5679332/a7c ... pment.html

Looking at that file, it's not something anyone would be able to work with unless there's documentation on the format or an API for it.

Ok I'm checking out foobar ATM. Not sure yet if I can use it for my tags. Otherwise I think I'll use sony M.M.