A few simple new user questions

[ol][li]How can I say, "Open a new tab at my default location, rather than at the location I'm currently looking at"?
[li]I often slip on the mouse and end up with this message, "An error occurred moving : You can't copy or move a folder into itself." Is there a way to disable this from happening?
[li]I want to search .htm and .html files for a word. I go to FILE -> FIND (CTRL-F), and in the "Name matching" field I've tried
.html", (separate names with ; )(without the quotes) then tried
"*.htm *.html" (separate names with space)(without the quotes)

I'm probably supposed to use some kind of filter instead. How do I search both *.htm & *.html files?
[li]Follow-up question: Is there a way to say, "Don't just show me the file names containing my search string, Show me the file contents where that search string is"[/li][/ol]

  1. I guess Tab Groups might be an answer.

  2. I don't think there is a way to avoid that message, but your question should be why and how could you avoid doing something that's impossible.

  3. You should select the HTML file type in the drop-down list or create a filter with name *.htm or name *.html

  4. For that, you should use a file indexer like Copernic or Google Desktop Search (the latter is integrated in DOpus). Or you could send your file results to a collection and then check the files in the viewing panel.

General point: Unless the questions are closely related, please ask one question per thread so that other people can find answers more easily.

If you always want it to happen I think you can just change the Double-click to open a new tab showing... drop-down to Default Folder, although it depends exactly how you are opening the new tab.

If you want some buttons/hotkeys to open the current folder but other buttons/hotkeys to open the default folder then you should use this command to open the Default folder:

Go /default NEWTAB

and this command to open the current folder:


Don't think so. If you find you slip while doing a drag & drop you might find using the Copy and Move buttons in the toolbar more convenient.

[quote]I want to search *.htm and *.html files for a word.
I've tried
*.htm *.html[/quote]
This is the syntax you want:


No, not at the moment. You can do it by running an external tool, though, such as FindStr which comes with Windows.

Have a look at the Grep Dir button on my Diff/Merge Toolbar -- you click the button and type what you are looking for and it will display a list of matching lines in all files below the current directory. (It shows filename, line number and then the actual text of the line. Behind the scenes the button just runs FindStr with the string that you typed in and some other arguments.)