A Horizontal Line Across My Monitor

I was playing around trying to get my floating task bar to display glass. I realized I hadn't backed up Opus in a while so I did a complete settings backup. Just as it finished I noticed a horizontal black line across my monitor. As soon as I shut down Opus it goes away, then reappears as soon as it's restarted. I tried restoring Opus settings to an earlier date, rebooting Windows, and even reinstalled Opus with the new beta version. I'm all out of ideas.

Windows 10 64bit
was on Opus 11.16 now on 11.16.3
on a new Dell XPS 8900 Desktop
New Dell 24 inch monitor

Is it still there if you close your floating toolbar?

Yes it is, seems no matter what I do it doesn't go away until I exit Opus.

Well I got it fixed, I realized that as I would hover over the line my cursor would change to a double arrow, so I tried moving it, couldn't. I right clicked on it and got a Opus context menu with several entries. Not sure what they all said, but close was one. Clicked close and it was gone. Not sure what it was, but it must have been some leftover toolbar artifact. Thanks anyway, BTW love Opus.

Okay, just reproduced it, I enabled floating task bar in customize, it appeared docked in the lister below my other toolbars. I right clicked on it and selected float. That floated the toolbar but left the line. All's good now, Thanks Leo.

It sounds like the line was the floating toolbar.

Where is the line exactly; at the edge of the screen, or across the middle? Could you show us a screenshot?

Does the line change when you go in and out of Customize mode?

Line was close to the middle of the screen, it happens everytime I enable floating task bar in customize, then exit customize, right click the docked tool bar, choose float and the line appears just an eighth inch or so below the toolbar. It doesn't go away until I right click on it and click close on what is the taskbar context menu. The last couple of times the line just went a little over half way across the screen, first time it went all the way.

The attached screen shot show two of them.

If you right-click one of the lines, what is the Appearance set to? Try setting it Frame.

When I set appearance to frame the line extends across the screen. When I set it to no frame it seems to disappear. At least I think it's gone, I don't see it and my cursor doesn't detect it.

If you type /dopusdata/ConfigFiles into Opus's location bar, it should take you to a folder of config files.

Is there a docks.oxc in there? Open the viewer panel, or drop it on Notepad or similar, and see what's inside it.

It's possible the toolbars are still being loaded but are invisible for some reason.

Separate to that: Are you using multiple monitors at different DPI settings? (Windows 10 has some serious bugs with mixed DPI which affect toolbars docked to the sides of the screen, which can result in something similar to what you're seeing. You may be running into that if using mixed DPIs. High DPI is fine, as long as all monitors are at the same DPI.)

No just a single monitor, it's a new system that I haven't had the chance to hook up to my TV yet. I am sharing keyboard & mouse with my laptop through Microsoft's "mouse without borders".

docks.oxc shows...

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> Floating Task Bar.dop

I don't know what that means but unless it indicates a problem, I think I'm good now, was just a bit alarmed seeing that line across my new monitor. Thanks again for your time.

That shows its floating height has been saved as only 1 pixel high. (Which may be another problem, but let's focus on fixing it so you can use the toolbar again.)

If you fully exit Opus (via File / Exit Directory Opus), then change the 498 to 298 (leave the 499 after it alone), save the file and re-launch Opus, hopefully it will be visible then.

Failing that, fully exit Opus again, and then delete docks.oxc entirely, to make sure the unwanted toolbar isn't still being loaded and invisible, since it would waste resources and slow down start-up for something you can't see.

Took me awhile, but I think I have everything back. My floating launch bar is back at the top of the screen where it's supposed to be and I believe all the toolbar remnants are gone.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Still haven't figured out how to make my toolbar glass like I was originally trying to do, but I think I may have read (probably you) that's an issue with windows. I can make it a solid color or an image, but if I use an image it leaves a white space at top when the toolbar hides. Thanks again.

Glass in Windows 10 is opaque and not much like glass any more.