A long time ago

sorry for german video
never had an english version
was my first help for checking the german version

here's to the next 20 years!
dopus 16 (2045) on windows 20?


Did I understand correctly? o)
You learned from the video how to find out which DO version you were using back then?

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I also had Directory Opus 6.
I bought a Dual Licence ( License ) that I have never fully used, but have kept it current over the years.
Back then there was no forum. It was a Python generated kind of Newsgroup.
Thankyou for posting the videos, the German in them is easy.

Does anyone remember why there was never a Directory Opus 7 ?

that's a good question that remains a mystery to this day.
we had this question several times in our old german forum and it could never be answered.
(2003-2021, 18 years of support have been deleted) :frowning:
many users were so annoyed that they no longer registered in the new forum.

according to the website, gpsoftware owns the copyright

The new instructions no longer contain the 7.
(info: the reported spelling mistake with flickris = flickr is has not yet been changed)

in the indian/pacific ocean, 7 is often regarded as an unlucky number.
this is also the case with 13,

that is why the users at the time assumed that dopus 13 would be given a different name.
an internal survey was dopus 14 / dopus 201x / dopus 202x (would now be dopus 2024)
or simply DOpus (winner)

maybe that's why 7 wasn't used or maybe they wanted to show that dopus8 was something completely new.
like the jump from windows 8/8.1 to windows 10 (code changes)

but that's just a guess.