A lot of questions about the built-in mail feature

As I'm now over with the user commands, buttons, and about all the tweaks I could make to have DOpus working fine on both my home comp and USB export, I'm now focusing on some other parts of mighty DOpus!

I did some searches on smtp features on this forum, but still I don't seem to find any answers (just to mention, I found an unuseful topic with a lot of number guesses which was entertaining though :smiley:), but nothing which could help me really understand the way it works!

First, with the searches I made, I found that the contact list is retrieved from Windows Adress Book, which leads to my first question....

I don't use neither Outlook express nor MsOutlook, but thunderbird, anyway don't really use the adress book anyway, but I guess if I could collect all the email adresses only on DOpus, it could be fine (just would like to try to see if it can be useful).

Alright, so 1st question is: can contacts be added manually? by typing, or drag & drop style :wink:?

2nd: I configured my different adresses (encrypted and not) to use on DOpus, but I never get connected when I use the connect button on the contact panel (both trying mailto:emul & smtp built-in). (I also used the Op Manager to try sending test mails)

3rd: Linking to the 2nd question.... what does the connect button on the contact list panel does exactly?

To see things globally, I don't really see the connections between all the smtp features DOpus has and how it works...

If someone could help clearing those things? would be so nice from you :slight_smile:
I guess I could have more questions, but I'm sure if I get some answers, a lot of other questions would be obsolete!

The contact list panel shows you your Windows Live Messenger contacts. It's not related to the email function or email contacts.

The connect button should make messenger connect.

FWIW the contacts panel doesn't work for me and is disabled on Windows 7 x64 with the latest Messenger. Seems like Messenger either doesn't provide its old COM interface or it can't be used from 64-bit programs like Opus.

Thanks for the answers, I guess I won't really use this feature, but this could have been nice to be able to send files directly with DOpus...
I'll try to figure out what my connection problems are!