A problem with compound filters

I've read the Help files, I've combed through the Forum, and I have experimented in various ways, but I can't solve a simple question about compound filters.

I have a directory D:@TeX in which all folders and subfolders are formatted, amongst other things, with a filter to hide .ptp, .dvi, .log and .pdf files. The command in "Preferences - - > Folders - - > Folder Formats - - > Path Formats - - > D:@TeX - - > Filters - - > Hide filter - - Filename" is

Sometimes, however, I want to view the .log files as well, or the .pdf files as well, or both at once as well. For these purposes, I want two independent buttons:

  • one button that toggles .log files on and off without affecting the display of any other files, and
  • another button that independently toggles .pdf files on and off without affecting the display of any other files.

What commands should I use in these two buttons?

Try something like this:

@ifset:HIDEFILTERFILENAME=*.(ptp|dvi|log|pdf) Set HIDEFILTERFILENAME=*.(ptp|dvi|pdf) @ifset:else Set HIDEFILTERFILENAME=*.(ptp|dvi|log|pdf)

(The command above was missing the "Set HIDEFILTERFILENAME=" on two lines before. I've corrected it.)

Thanks for that, Leo (and I was encouraged that I managed to work out the typo myself). I used your command for the "Display .log files" button, and changed the second line appropriately for the "Display .pdf files" button.

These buttons each work well by themselves. But:

  • pressing the first button displays the log files,
  • then pressing the second button hides the log files again,
  • then pressing the second button again displays the .pdf ilfes, leaving the .log files hidden.
    My problem was how to make the buttons independent, so that pressing one and then the other would display both the .log and .pdf files. I understand that it may not be possible to do this.

You could do that by mapping out all the possible cases with different @ifset clauses.

If it was me, I'd just use the Clear Local Name Filters command in the default menus to clear the filter entirely in the situations where I wanted to see extra things. But I usually want either my clean filtered view or, in the rare cases where I want something I normally filter, everything.

Thanks, Leo. I expected that your suggestion was the best way to go, but I wanted to check that I wasn't missing something, given all the choice of filtering methods.

By the way, the default button "Clear Local Name Filters", which clears all a folder's filters, doesn't toggle. I found that an easy keyboard way to reapply the folder's format filters is a button with the command "Go ." that "goes to the current directory".

Another way is to click the current directory in the breadcrumbs path field.