A question about WHENEXISTS=skip

A bit confused as to the 'conditions' of WHENEXISTS=skip.

I assumed... that this 'skip' is covered by:
"Skip identical: Any conflicting files will be automatically skipped if they are identical (same size and date)."

Not sure about the file name.
(e.g. when a file is renamed, date time size remaining unchanged)

Also, whilst copying files from one folder into another using:

and 1 file has been modified in the source folder (date, time, size changed, file name unchanged), then the file is not copied.


From left to right, file name same, size/modified date stamp different. file is skipped.

That aside, I wonder whether it is possible to have the file renamed when the file name is the same, so there is old and new version of the same file, so one can determine which one to keep at a later stage.
(Similar to when copying within the same folder)

Copy WHENEXISTS=Skip will skip any file that already exists. As per the manual:

If a file that is being copied already exists in the destination, skip over it (leaving existing file intact).

It's like Skip All not Skip Identical.

Okay, thanks. Bad luck. When checking I think 'skip identical' thing has been discussed in earlier threads, even going back to 2009.
Thanks again.