A Script that detects Corrupted Office Files

Hey Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knows a possible script that I could use through Directory Opus to detect corrupt files? Specifically Microsoft Office Documents like Word?

Very Much Appreciated


What do you plan to use to detect corrupt files? Indeed, how do you detect corrupt files?

I can think of a couple of possibilities.

Open the file in Word, and if it falls over, then it is corrupt. (I use X1 to detect broken PDF files for me.)

Or try to index it. If that fails, then it is possibly bust.

You'll need Word to do the first. Microsoft Search might do the second.

How these might report to Opus is the next challenge.

I would be more inclined to look for a tool that can scan my files, look for dodgy ones, and then mend them, or flag them up.

Outlook has a repair tool for this purpose. (Scanpst.)

Not sure about Word.