A simple AND function when finding files

How can you do this?
I have read the friendly manual, and cannot figure out how to enter two search terms into the Find window so that it only finds files with both those strings in the name!

(I do know I can filter the results with a wildcard, but would like to avoid that extra step if possible)


Switch the Find panel to Advanced mode, then create a filter with two "Contains" clauses and whatever else you need to match.

Here's an example which will match all *.txt files containing bananas and pyjamas:

Thx - but I'm trying to set this up for a non expert user.
So I can never get it to act just like a google search window? As in, just type in two terms and hit return - without using pull-down menus and clicking two different fields?

If we use regular expressions (which I haven't learned yet) would that let us type everything we want in Simple mode?

You can save the filter shown above so that it can be recalled via the drop-down (where it says "" just above the filter itself).

That should be easy for a non-expert to use since you just select the filter, then click on the words (bananas and pyjamas in my screenshots) and type over them, then click Find.

If you want to use simple mode then you can, provided you want to search for the words in a particular order. Using simple wildcards (no regular expressions needed) you could search for bananas*pyjamas, but if the words appear the other way around then that won't find a match.

You can have a wildcard expression which works with the words either way around but I think it is more complex than using the filter in my first example:


Also note that both wildcard examples require the two words to be on the same line within the file. The filter example does not.

The bananas*pyjamas is exactly the thing I was looking for, because the file names we would be searching are always formatted in the same order.

the only thing is...

It didn't find any files, even though I had the box checked for "Use wildcards"

Is this usage of wildcards only for searching the text strings inside files?


I mis-read the initial post and that you were searching the file contents not the file names.

The "Name Matching" field always has wildcards enabled so you can just enter bananaspyjamas* into that, and erase the "Containing Text" field completely.

That did the job, sir
Thanks for all the help!

I have several other buttons I want to program.
Anyone care to do it as a freelancer?