A view with specific columns for any tab or directory?

I'm trying to create a view (button?) that would show the folder tree, a single display and a Flat View with mixed Folders and files with specific columns (and column widths) including the Location of each file and directory. I would like to be able to apply this to any tab that I may click on or directory that I may open. I can get close to the above result by using a Lister, but this would restrict me to tabs specified in the Lister and I cannot get it to apply to any new tabs or directories that I may open.

I would appreciate any advice on the above.

Turning on Flat View will normally add the Location column automatically, unless the folder format lock is on. That happens through the Flat View folder format (Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats, under the Folder Type Formats category).

That won't get you the other things you want, though, and maybe you don't always want Location added when in Flat View and have turned off the Flat View folder format.

For everything you want, Styles are the thing to use if you want to change an existing window and folder tab to turn on things like the tree and change the folder format (columns, widths) on demand with a single click:

An alternative is having a button which runs several individual commands to change the different things you want to change. That can do the same or even more than a Style, but means working out the commands to use instead of using the UI to configure what you want. It's potentially more powerful, but probably not needed in this case.

Thank you for your guidance. I'll do more reading. Styles appears to be the way to go in my case.

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