A way to preview mp3's or wave files from within opus?

Have a bunch of small audio clips, that I am hoping Opus can handle gracefully.. Mainly, rather than open each one with an outside media player, I would like to be able to simply highlight them, and hear a preview. Anyone know if this is possible with Opus? I have purchased the latest version, but am still pretty new to the software. So far, I like what I see..

You can use the built in sound player - a button for which is in the default menus - File - File Commands - Play Sounds. As with all things you can move this button wherever you like (or create a new one).

MP3 files can be played in this way or the viewerpane will show the id tag information and it has a small player built into it.

There's also a prefs option to force wav files to play in the inbuilt sound player (see below).

The internal sound player (Steve's suggestion) will work well if you want to double-click files to hear them.

If you want to hear files just by selecting them, using the Preview Panel in Opus, then you can do that as well:

Go to Settings -> Preferences / Plugins / Viewers and disable the MP3 Format Sound File plugin. (This is the plugin which provides the Preview Panel's tag editor. It should be disabled so that a different plugin can handle MP3 files in the Preview Panel.)

You should now be able to turn on the Preview Panel in Opus and then select MP3, WAV or WMA audio files to hear them.

(This playback is done through Opus's ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web plugin. This in turn uses parts of Windows Media Player which are run inside of Opus. So it is using an external program but you won't get any additional windows opening as you play the sounds.)

thanks folks..