Abandoned XP drive - rebuild, reinstall. Registered DO


I bought a five licence pack (good value) just a couple of weeks ago. One of the XP machines on which it was install has become infected with a virus and we just can not get rid of it. The drive has been removed and will scrubbed and Xp reinstalled.

However, this has used up one of our licences and now that we have reinstalled DO from the net it needs to be registered. Is there a way of cancelling a licence and reinstalling?

My long xperience of MS OS is that sooner of later they become unusable. This may take months or years but something inevitably happens. How exactly do you protect your customers who face the expensive prospect of re-licencing DO? Surely there is away of cancelling an active registration?


If Opus isn't running on that machine anymore (e.g. because the drive has been formatted) then there's nothing to stop you re-installing it again using the same licence as before.

If you have further problems you should contact GPSoftware directly as this forum is more for user-to-user discussion (which the GPSoft guys join in with sometimes) than for dealing with individual licence/billing/ordering issues.



That said, it seems that alanshaw has a problem with a virus.

A backup image of your drive might have saved you .
However, a backup of the drive isn't always a cure.

There is a remote possibility that the virus or worm infected the BIOS.
I've never encountered this kind of beast, but it's good to be aware that a BIOS flash could possibly be needed.

I'd also look into the drive's MBR ( master boot record ).
A Format /MBR might also clear it if reformatting the drive doesn't work.

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It's really Fdisk /MBR not Format /MBR.

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