Ability to edit metadata in ORF/RAW files

Maybe someone already has a script to do this, but so far haven't found anything... what I'd like is the ability to reach into any .ORF (Olympus RAW) file to modify Date/time, Date Digitized and Date Taken and maybe some other fields presented in DO.

Just a bump, wondering if anybody else would like apparently native support to edit the more common fields in RAW metadata, for me that's really just Date/time, Date Digitized and Date Taken

Most raw formats are undocumented so I would be wary of modifying the files, in case it corrupted them. Decoding them makes sense, since it's non-destructive, but I'd treat them as read-only in general, unless the vendor provides either a library or other component for modifying them, or documentation on the format.

Use ExifTool. It does the job and works well with Opus.

Another solution is to convert the ORF files to Adobe's own DNG format. This is a publicly documented format with a huge user base, and seems to respond well to the built in Opus metadata tools.

The easiest way to do this is, of course, is to export your ORF files from Lightroom as DNG files. It has the added advantage that if you change your camera make you are still only dealing with DNG files.

To have lots of propriety digital negative formats is, if you will excuse the pun, simply ORF-FUL

If you do not use Lightroom, I believe Adobe have a free DNG converter to download.

They do indeed, it can be found at https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/using/adobe-dng-converter.html

This is a followup I probably should have posted when I discovered it ages ago, to help anybody else who might benefit...

To edit metadata within .ORF files I simply do a rename of all desired files from *.orf to *.jpg. Then any metadata in the metadata pane can be edited as one would with jpegs. When done, simply rename file[s] back to *.orf. It's pretty quick if you've built orf-to-jpg and jpg-to-orf rename presets.

Don't know if it would work for other RAW formats, but one could easily check it out...