When I use OPENINLEFT, if the left lister is not activated, after OPENINLEFT the left lister is still not activated.
How could dopus activate the left part of lister as the source lister when I use OPENINLEFT?

Run Set SOURCE=Left (or Right) after the Go command.

Oh, I'm sorry that I've misinterpreted my question. I want to activate the left lister in the command "Go DRIVEBUTTONS=...,multifunc,...", so the three-button buttons are automaticlly generated and I could not control the way they behave.

See here for how to do it in Go DRIVEBUTTONS commands:

[quote="leo"]See here for how to do it in Go DRIVEBUTTONS commands:

It works when the left lister is not activated and I want the new drive lister to be opened in the left.
How could it works on BOTH-way in one command?
I tried the command below but only the left lister is activated normally.

Go DRIVEBUTTONS=fixed,removable,hideempty,multifunc,dualpath KEYARGS ctrl:NEWTAB shift:OPENINDUAL OPENINLEFT [Set FOCUS=Left] OPENINRIGHT [Set FOCUS=Right]

Apologies, I missed the last reply until now.

The example button there is using three different/conflicting ways to specify which side the folder should open on.

You can only use one of OPENINLEFT or OPENINRIGHT, and using either means the command should explicitly open the drive in the left or the right side. It doesn't make sense to combine either of them with DRIVEBUTTONS=multifunc or with KEYARDS shift:OPENINDUAL.

There isn't currently a way to combine DRIVEBUTTONS=multifunc (so the left/right mouse buttons open the drive on different sides) with embedded commands such that the commands know which side just changed folders.

If you're using KEYARGS shift:OPENINDUAL because you want to open in the other side when holding shift, then that can be combined with the focus change:

Go DRIVEBUTTONS KEYARGS shift:OPENINDUAL [ @keydown:Shift Set SOURCE=toggle ]

You could also use this which will open and focus on the left if you click normally, and open and focus on the right if you click while holding shift:

Go DRIVEBUTTONS KEYARGS shift:OPENINRIGHT none:OPENINLEFT [ @keydown:shift Set SOURCE=right @keydown:none Set SOURCE=left ]