Access is denied (5)

Using Opus 10 on "source" computer (Windows 7 OS); trying to copy files to or synchronize files with "target" computer (Windows 7 OS); receive error message: "Access is denied (5). This file is locked by the following processes: Directory Opus 10." However, can copy or synchronize the same files between source and a NAS and am also able to copy or synchronize those same files when using Opus 10 on the "target" computer, i.e. requesting files from "source" to "target" as opposed to sending files from "source" to "target." Seems like a permission problem, but I don't know how to fix this. Any suggestions?

Are you using the latest version of Opus?

What type of files is it happening to?

Using version (4779) x64. File types that I have tried are *.zip, *.docx, *.tif and *.pdf. Immediately after trying to copy or synchronize files, the Windows "User Account Control" window appears with the following message: "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer? Program name: Directory Opus 10 (UAC Elevator)"

Are you using thumbnails mode? Try using Details if you are.

It may also be worth seeing if you get different behaviour from the latest beta (link in my signature). Sometimes when Opus reported it was locking the files itself in the past, it was in fact something else (the Windows API for asking which programs are locking the files sometimes tells the program it's doing it when it isn't, which we've tried to work around in newer versions).

Are you using the same virus scanner on both machines? That, or things like indexing/search software, may also be locking files. As may shell extensions installed by other software, which may be locking the files when Opus asks for their icons or other details. Any differences between what's installed on the two machines may be important.

The UAC dialog is normal; if Opus gets an access denied error it will try again as administrator via UAC to see if the problem was file permissions.

Installed beta version - did not fix problem. Virus scanner on source is Kaspersky; virus scanner on target is AVG. Can you tell which computer has the locked files? I'm assuming that I'm not the first person who has had this issue, so are there any documented steps or procedures one could take to resolve the problem?

It's probably the source computer, but it could be either.

There are no steps because it could be any number of things that are locking the files, unfortunately. Tools like Process Monitor can sometimes reveal when the file is locked and which component is locking it, but they're pretty technical and if you don't know them well then it's a needle in a haystack problem.

Try to work out any differences between the machines and experiment with disabling them. e.g. You know the virus scanners are different so try temporarily disabling it on the source machine. Turn off any extra columns you have in the file display that aren't on the source machine. Use ShellExView to see which shell extensions the two machines have (you can usually filter out all the Microsoft ones, so there's only a few left to consider) and which ones are different & might be a factor.

Also, check if you can move the same files in the same way using Windows Explorer.