Access Media Created Date for Info Tip of Movies

I couldn't find anything about this. I'm editing "Info Tip" data for Movies (Settings | File Types... | File Type Groups | Movies | Edit | Info Tip tab).

If I look at Properties of an AVI file, the Details tab has "Media created" (date/time shown under Origin). Is there a corresponding field to access this value in the "Info Tip"?

Thanks in advance.

It should be possible to import the Media Created column into Opus with a short script column, but all my AVI files have that column blank so it's difficult to test it works.

Is there a small AVI file with that column populated which you could send to check with? You can send via private message if it isn't a public file, and/or use a link to GoogleDrive or similar if it's larger than the forum's attachment limit.

I've sent a message to you with the link. Thanks for the help and the very quick reply.

Thanks for the test file!

Give this a try:

The list of columns and infotip fields will then include Script > Media created which has the same data as the column from Explorer.

Here's what's in the script (text file above), for reference:

Function OnInit(initData) = "Media Created Column"
	initData.desc = "Imports the Media Created column from Explorer"
	initData.copyright = "(c) 2017 Leo Davidson"
	initData.version = "1.0"
	initData.default_enable = true
	initData.min_version = "12.6"

	Dim props, prop, col
	Set props = DOpus.FSUtil.GetShellPropertyList("System.Media.DateEncoded", "r")
	If (props.length = 1) Then
		Set prop = props(0)
		Set col = initData.AddColumn = prop.raw_name
		col.method = "OnMediaCreatedColumn"
		col.label = prop.display_name
		col.type = "datetime,utc"
		col.justify = "right"
		col.autogroup = true
		col.userdata = prop.pkey
	End If
End Function

Function OnMediaCreatedColumn(scriptColData)
	scriptColData.value = scriptColData.item.shellprop(scriptColData.userdata)
End Function

So AWESOME!! It works. You guys are the greatest. If only I could have been using DOpus starting in the 1980s. Thanks so much.

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Realizing this thread is two years old....

Wanted to say this post helped me today too. As a part of my GoPro workflow I am using ffmpeg to re-encode raw video to a compressed format, but wanted to preserve the metadata from the source files. All the new compressed files have date stamps from current day. I had figured out how to pass the metadata from the raw files to the newly compressed ones - the original date info goes into the 'media created' metadata field on the new file. Adding this script now allows me to see the original create dates of my videos in their newly compressed format.

Awesome solution. Thanks so much!


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Realizing this thread is 4 years old...
I signed in to the forum just to thank you -
This thread helped me today to rename a bunch of old avi files with the "Media created" date.
Mati, from Tel-Aviv, Israel

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I've been a lot of video date testing lately. I use the script to add the Media Created column.
Media created seems to be the most reliable date filed for 3GP, AVI files. For MOV and MP4 files, Media Created and QuickTime Created are the most reliable, and are the same - except for a few hours different, which I assume is a UTC issue.
Considering that Media Created is such an essential video field, please consider adding it as a column and to the Metadata Panel.