Access mediaserver from a NAS

In yesterdays' thread ([url]Confusing foldertree issues] you see the mediaserver of my NAS as virtual drive on top of the folder-tree. The NAS is a Synology Diskstation.

The mediaserver offers for exmaple smart-playlists for music as folder (showing music by genre, year, etc.). I would like to have them not only in folder-tree (I mostly use dual w/o tree), but when drag'n'drop one of these folder to a toolbar and pressing the button, it opens in Explorer.

The folder-entry is always something like this (shorten, it's very large):


Is there a way to include and access these folders in DO?

Adding "Go " before the IDL string may make the button open it in Opus instead of launching Explorer. (Can depend on the type of folder.)

Great! Go-command works!

Bit OT, but how can I change the lister's white background color when showing these virtual folders (or trash etc.)?

Preferences / Display / Options / Enable background images in virtual folders

Thanks (searched in colors :blush:).