Accessing USB connected Phone

Is there some setting I need to change to make my mobile phone automatically visible in the lister folder tree when plugged in to my PCs usb port? It shows up automatically in the Windows Explorer navigation pane but not in DO lister, where I have to drill back up to the hard disk drive view where no directories are visible then click on the phone before it shows up in the lister folder tree.

Does it appear in the This PC folder (in the file display, worry about the tree later) after being plugged in?

(I'd recommend using other methods, in any case. MTP can be unreliable. See MTP and transferring files with Android and iOS phones, Cameras )

If you have your tree set to start at Drives or Current Drive then other devices (including your phone) won't show up until you navigate up which causes the This PC folder to be shown in the tree.

@Jon is there an alternative startup configuration that would show the phone? I'm agnostic about starting a lister with the current Drive, highlighted or open etc, so long as it shows a plugged in phone without drilling down in the lister pane. Alternatively, is it possible to create a Symbolic link in my favorites folder or some other location? @Leo's FTP suggestion requires wifi; I'm an ethernet devotee.