Action History Menu and Hotkey

I open the "Action History" menu using a button, but unlike other menus I cannot set it to close using that same button or Escape key. How do I do that?

I just realized "Action Hisotry" may be just the name I gave the button. it is the menu which shows past Actions (copy/del/mov/etc.)

You probably want one of these:

Set UTILITY=FileLog,Toggle
Set UTILITY=Undo,Toggle

would you please go into more details on how to set this?

From "just the name I gave the button", I assumed we were talking about a button you had made or edited yourself. (None of the default buttons are called "Action History".)

In any case, you can edit the button via:

  • Settings > Customize Toolbars (a Customize window will open; ignore that for now)
  • right-click the thing you want to edit and choose Edit
  • Replace the command with one of the ones above
  • Click OK in the button editor, and OK again in the Customize window.

You'll only need one of the two commands. Which one you want depends whether you're aiming to toggle the File Log or the Undo Log. (They both show similar information, but the Undo log only shows the operations which can be undone, while the File Log shows more things. I am not sure which one you are using currently, based on the information in the thread so far.)

yes i made it myself, but it was lomg ago. i appreciate your help and reminding me.