Action priorities on choices in Copy queue dialog

When I backup my folders on a different drive, I run a copy of that folder.

Obviously most of the original files are already in the backup folder, so when DOpus finds the first identical file there, I choose Skip identical. This should save time and copies.

But soon after there is a file that has been updated in the original folder and needs to be backed up. So in the new Confirm File Replace, I choose Replace all, because I don’t want to click on Replace for every updated file. What I mean is I still want to skip identical files, but replace all the updated files.
Sometimes one file is locked, so I also click on skip errors if this extra confirmation window appears.

So the question is: does DOpus apply these choices in this order (skip identical but replace the rest and still skip all the errors) or does it forget about the first choice (skip identical) and replaces all the subsequent files, even if they are identical? Obviously I prefer that I don’t copy anew the files that are already backed up.

At least from memory, Skip Identical should continue skipping identical files, even if you then Replace All on a non-identical file.

(The best way to find out for sure is to simply test it with three files that are large enough to see being copied.)

Note that there can be differences with archives (Zip, and everything else), since they're handled by separate code.