Action with zip file and Undo functionality

Hi all

I just did the following steps:

  1. Opened a zip file in a tab
  2. Opened another tab with a certain folder
  3. Using Drag & Drop I wanted to copy some files from the zip container to the folder in the second tab. I immediately realised that I've pressed the wrong key and the files were moved.
  4. To correct my error I used the Undo function in DOpus. Something was done, but not what I had expected - my last action with the zip container was not protocolled and therefore it was another action that was undone.

It was just a file rename but this could have been really ugly if I think of other operations that are possible with DOpus.

I understand that DOpus has to deal here with third party software. But DOpus knows about such an action which can't be undone. So I think it would be good if the user would get a message saying that the zip-operation can't be undone instead of just undoing the last operation in the list.

What do you think?


I guess it's possible that they could add some more intelligence in this area... but FYI, you can also avoid this by opening up the Output Window and looking at the Undo tab. At least then you can select the 'specific' action to undo rather than whatever the "last" might be.

To be honest, I'm a bit surprised that Opus doesn't record copy/move extractions from zip files if Opus itself is handling the operation. It's not as though some 'other' external application is being used, Opus is using it's integrated library...

So, while I think you'd STILL have this problem if you HAD actually used a third party app to perform an operation that you then wanted to undo and blindly hit <Ctrl+Z>... I don't think Opus can be made 'aware' of what a third party app might or might not have done... But I DO think this specific case should be in the realm of awareness and control for Opus...

That's for GPSoft to say whether this is a bug that needs fixing or a feature request, and whether it's doable or not in any event. Maybe there's something funky with how the zip library is used to handle the operation that prevents it from being something Opus can track, though that sounds strange to me.

I agree. Some operations cannot be undone, which is a fact of life, but if the user tries to undo them they should be told (or at least find nothing happens at all) rather than have some other, possibly unrelated, action undone.

Should I let GPSoftware tell about this thread and if yes, should I use their support form?