Actions to carry out after New Tab selection

Is it possible to change (or add to) what happens when the "Open a new folder tab" + sign is clicked in dual pane mode ?
I see there is some limited control under Preferences > Folder Tabs > Options but I would like to be able to do one of he following:

  • Open a new tab in both the source and destination panes at their current folder locations

  • Open a new Folder Tab Group

  • Run a VB script to fine tune my requirements

You can run scripts when new tabs open, but the script would not know that the tab opened due to the + button or something else, so it might do things you don't want it to do at other times if you tried to use that for this.

Using toolbar buttons or hotkeys to do custom things would probably make more sense. The + button is only meant to open one tab on the same tab bar as the + button. Toolbar buttons or hotkeys can do whatever they want, on the other hand.