Activate toolbar app which itself is hkey activated?

How to activate a toolbar application which itself is hotkey activated?

I've got Snippy in my Applications Toolbar, but while Snippy.exe is "running" in the system tray,
it requires a hotkey to activate it in order to freehand draw/make a screen capture.

I use F8 to activate Snippy globally, and have reset dOpus "Show Tree" hotkey to Alt + F8 to prevent conflict.

The "Function:" dialogue box = C:\Program Files_Snippy^\Snippy.exe ,
and in the "Start in:" dialogue box = C:\Program Files_Snippy^\ .

I'm sure there is some other argument that needs added to the "Function:" line,
but I haven't been able to figure it out or make anything work there.

I want to be able to click the Snippy icon & trigger F8,
which itself will trigger the capture rectangle on the screen,
in order to make the screen capture, right?

Is it something like: C:\Program Files_Snippy^\Snippy.exe, {F8}, , or somesuch w/ various commas to separate certain arguments?

I've read through the Manual several times in the "Internal Commands" & "Command Modifier Reference" sections,
but haven't yet understood what I need to use, or how.

  • The other applications I've added to my toolbar are all activated simply by their .exe's,
    such as notepad++.exe, etc., so I've had no problems adding & configuring these.

Thanks for any assistance on this one ~

If you tell Opus to run Snippy.exe, Opus will just run it with whichever arguments (if any) you tell Opus to pass to pass to it.

How Snippy.exe reacts to being run, and the arguments it is passed, is up to it. If it's not doing what you want when you run it then you need to look at the Snippy documentation (there's usually a section on command line arguments for tools that support them) or ask whoever supports Snippy for advice on how to run it.

Well, please allow me to reformulate my request --

How would I configure a "New Button" on any toolbar to fire a hotkey when mouse-clicked?
because I may choose to setup future scenarios like this -
in fact, I could envision ultimately making such a "New Button" into a 3-Button event.

Would I use the CLI type command along with arguments?

Opus doesn't have any way to trigger a hotkey (i.e. emulate a key press) but if you find another program that can do it, you could run that from a button.

OK, thanks Jon -

of course I can just reach up & push F8 as I usually do, &/or also bind it to a StrokeIt gesture,
but in this case I was/am seeking to understand how to configure/code? trickier stuff in Opus --
not being a programmer, but a 'wannabe' power-user, I keep trying to do my computing at the speed of thought, which is joyously manic :smiling_imp:

Just a little point of feedback - you guys have created such a pristine interface,
never mind the ability to quickly get lost going down the rabbit-hole of custom configurations! :smiley:

I previously invested quite some time in xplorer2, which is also a very fine file manager,
and certainly has its devoted following -- nothing at all against it.

But the clarity of Opus' interface keeps me spellbound in place, as well as makes me alot more patient than I really am,
as I dig deeper into its capabilities.

Best! to all of you


Tools often provide a way to run them which does the same as their hotkeys, although I can't find information about Snippy when I search for it.

Thanks for the comments. :slight_smile:

You can probably use AutoHotkey in conjunction with DOpus to do exactly what you want. Of course there is a learning curve, but AHK is so powerful that it is time well spent. If you've never tried it, you should check it out.

@Ostrodamus -- absolutely,AHK all the way! actually, I do use this + StrokeIt --
I've cobbled together several workarounds, binding AHK to StrokeIt so I can do more w/ the mouse gestures.

Hopefully if anyone else stumbles across this thread, they'll see several enthusiastic praises for AHK + StrokeIt in combo w/ dOpus --
it's almost unbelievable how FUN this lifestyle can be :wink:

I feel like a cross between Elton John w/ me Left hand playing the keyboard, and on me Right is Clapton on the mouse - furiously picking the strings :smiley:
(of course, substitute yer fav. musicians here)

.... and if I get confident enough w/ the underneath-the-hood commands of dOpus,
I might even try to take on AutoIT ! :wink::wink: