Activating the location/path field via hotkey?

DO version, Vista.

I used to have Alt+D setup to highlight/activate the location/path/address textbox with breadcrumbs. However, I hate the breadcrumbs concept, so I toyed around in the commands menu and removed the breadcrumbs path field, and instead inserted a regular path field.

Now I just can't find anywhere to map a key to activating the path field :frowning:.

In Customize mode, simply right-click on the path field (marker) and choose Edit, and assign a key as for any other button.

That worked. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks Jon. I too have wondered how to do that for a long time. Works for me too. Quite simple really...if you know how!

Not sure I could have found this out any other way besides this forum! What a great resource.