ActiveX Plugin: Mozilla ActiveX Control

The IExplorer ActiveX connection in the ActiveX plugin for HTML comes wihtout a search-facility. Also, it only displays HTML and IExplorer parsable XML.

I use the Mozilla browsers. There is an ActiveX control for Mozilla here:

There you cann find also code for a plugin to host ActiveX controls and code for an ActiveX Control for Hosting Netscape plug-ins in IE.

A silde for the Mozilla ActiveX Control can be found here: ... cument.htm

What does the ActiveX Mozilla Control do ? Simple: It makes Mozilla available as ActiveX control. One program using this is the HTML IDE HTMLStudio, which can preview the HTML source 'inline' using either the IExplorer ActiveX control or the Mozilla control.

Making Mozilla ActiveX Control available would also automatically add the XUL document type, which now we could display, in addition to HTML, XML and in recent "Suite" builds SVG, if enabled.

Also, we would gain all the Netscape Plugins for the Document Viewer.

What do you think, nudel ?
I have the Mozilla ActiveX Control installed, tried dropping an XUL file over the DopusActiveX config dialog, but nothing happened.

Thanks for the info, I've dropped the URLs into my to-do folder. Unfortunatley my to-do folder is quite big :slight_smile: but I'll try to take a look at this when I get time!

So I whish you the very best luck for all things, that preceed the Mozilla ActiveX control in your todo-queue. :smiley:

Any progress on this yet? I really hate having IE render that stuff, especially as half of the intranet pages look totally flawed in IE and you don't even get an idea of what they're for.
So any way to integrate Gecko/Presto/Webkit would be great!

It's not likely to happen unless ActiveX support is made a proper feature of Firefox. The control Amix linked to is not part of Firefox/Mozilla itself (at least wasn't last time I looked) and thus not tested or kept up to date as part of the main code's release cycle and, I have heard, not somehing you can really rely on.

As with OpenOffice, a lot of people want Firefox/Mozilla to support ActiveX so that it can be used to render HTML in other programs but nobody involved with the development of them seems to want to do it.

Actually I'd have FF to support ActiveX as well. ActiveX is a technology that should never have been created

But the Gecko engine is open-source, just like Webkit and many apps embed it (same with Presto btw, used in Adobe products), so I don't see why ActiveX is required to do this. Just send it to the renderer natively.

I'm not talking about using ActiveX in Firefox, I'm talking about using Firefox as an ActiveX control in another program. Same technology but completely different situations.

In the context I am talking about, ActiveX and Gecko do the same thing, except one requires weeks/months of development effort and a complete extra copy of the browser (that has to be kept up-to-date separately) to be shipped with Opus.

Why do you think it is that nothing else in the world can hook Firefox/Mozilla into itself (without being written around it and shipping with a separate copy of it)?