Add Ability to Change Metadata of Files and Folders

Hi, I know that this has been suggested in a previous post and a Directory Opus representative said that it might come in the next version. I just wanted to remind the developers about their promise.

I would love it if we could customize the info in the Metadata Panel much more. It would be nice to add, delete, and arrange all metadata fields.

You can already do this in Microsoft File Explorer by using a program called FileMeta. Unfortunately, FileMeta doesn't work with Directory Opus. So, I had to give up this feature when I converted to Directory Opus but I miss it a lot.

It would be great if Directory Opus's Metadata Panel was much more customizable. Please consider it!

I don't remember the full context of this. Could you link us to the post you're referring to? (I may move this into there to keep everything in one place.)