Add context menu item


I have the "Misc -> Windows integration -> Hide Windows items on file context menus" setting turned on so my context menu's are not messed up by all the junk that gets added by other software. Now I've just installed some new software called AutoHotKey and one of the context menu items it adds for .hsk items is compile script. I can see this option when I hold down shift and right click a .hsk file, now I would like this option to appear when I don't hold down shift. How would I do that?


Not sure if this is the best/right way to do things but I got round the problem by creating a new context menu item using a opus standard function and copying the code into this menu item. This new menu item appears in opus

Yeah, that's the ticket... I've used the following in the past:

/jtools\ahk2exe.exe /in "{f}" /out "{Rs|Specify filename for compiled script...|{o|noext}}.exe"

You can use the information in this tip to selectively add back context menu extensions.

True... which is usually a better way to go since the context menu handlers offered by apps that have shell integration usually just seem to process multiple file selections "smoother" in some ways than command line arg based menu actions...

Anyhow, there are some apps that I no longer have "installed" and just use 'pieces' of in order to use certain command-line tools from the app in order to do small things... this is one of them.