Add copy move options to the "Recent" command

At the moment, the Recent command (used to display a dynamically generated list of your recent folders) accepts parameters to open the selected menu item in a new tab, a new lister, the right side of a dual display lister, etc. The KEYARGS parameter can also be used, like:

Recent KEYARGS "ctrl:NEW" "none:NEWTAB=findexisting"

I think it would be useful if the Recent command also accepted COPY and COPY MOVE parameters so you could quickly copy or move files/dirs selected in the Source to the folder you select in the Recents menu. So something like:

Recent KEYARGS "ctrl:COPY" "shift:COPY MOVE" "none:NEWTAB=findexisting"

I find that I often need to copy or move files/dirs to folders which I've visited recently. I think adding this feature would make the Recents menu much more useful.


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I would like to add a vote for this--I just searched for a way to do this. I used a filetype context menu go "E:\My Documents\My Pictures" FOLDERCONTENT=move,nofiles,button to move scans to the proper image folder which works well. A companion recent folders option would same a lot of time.

Here ist some useful script, which maybe already does what you want.

Thanks--you are absolutely correct. I had even downloaded the script in March, gotten busy and forgotten it--until I went to save it and received an already exists message.

We'll add this in the next update. Thanks for the suggestion!

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@abr: Thanks for the Redo Operations script. It looks useful. I'll give a try for a bit to see if it suits my needs.

@Jon: Many thanks for considering my suggestion :slight_smile:

I've been dealing with computers since IBM 370/ WYLBUR and Morrow Designs Micronix/C/PM hosts. I've never had a request take a week. Opus and it's team are awesome!