Add current selected files/directories in new Folder

I would love a function where you can select files/folders, fress the "create new folder" button and add there a flag (like the enter new folder or create multiple folders) where you can set "Putt selected files/fodler in the new created folder. ... I hope its not too confusing :wink: ..


Hi there X-Tender,

I think I understand what you want to do... I tried this in a test toolbar button and assigned 'Ctrl + Insert' as the hotkey:[b]Clipboard CUT Select NONE CreateFolder READAUTO Clipboard PASTE [/b]It cuts selected files to the clipboard, deselects all currently selected items (otherwise, you get a CreateFolder dialog for as many files as you selected with the cut for some reason?), then creates a new folder, reads it in, and finally pastes the clipboard contents into the newly created/read-in folder.

For some reason, it doesn't work when you've selected folders though. It tries to create the folder you've specified with 'CreateFolder' function INSIDE the first folder selected as part of what you've cut to the clipboard. Not sure if there is some way around this... it seems like a minor bug with the 'Select NONE ' statement, since the definition of it is to "Deselect all files and folders". If this were happening properly, I would expect the CreateFolder function to use the current folder in focus as the destination in which to create the new folder, not sure why it's using a folder that's now been 'CUT' as the destination for the Create operation... :frowning:.

Hey GP guys, can you move this topic from 'Feature Request' to 'Support', and see if this behaviour is indeed considred a small bug, and/or find out how to make sure CreateFolder operates on the current folder in this case? Now that X-Tender brought this up, I'm stoked about trying to use it... I want to do something like this all the time :smiley:...

Note- you can add a last statement 'Go UP' to the commands above to return you to the directory you were in rather than remain in newly created/read-in folder...

Well after a little work, things are better but still not right... here's what I've got:[b]Clipboard CUT CreateFolder {dlgstring|Specify folder-name to create and move files to...} READAUTO Clipboard PASTE Go UP [/b]The changes to the usage of CreateFolder allow for the creation of the new folder in the current source path, and the Paste then properly moves both the selected files AND folders into the newly created folder... HOWEVER, while the use of the {dlgstring} control sequence seems to supress the multiple actual CreateFolder 'prompts' that would otherwise appear without the use of Select NONE (one for every file or folder selected) the CreateFolder function still goes ahead and creates a folder with the name you've specified underneath all of the directories that you've selected??? So there still seems to be some slight buginess in the way some of these commands interoperate... but the commands above will at least let you do what you want to do (if I understood correctly).

I still think this topic should be moved to 'Help and Support'... and there are some problems with the way either Select NONE or CreateFolder is working. I would think that the use of Select NONE would implictly cause CreateFolder to operate on the current source directory - since files were selected as part of using this function. But even if not, I don't see why the useage of CreateFolder in a sequence of commands like this would 'ever' try to create the folder inside any of the selected directories being cut to the clipboard (much less all of them) since even if you select a bunch of files and folders and invoke a simple CreateFolder command with no options, the folder get's created properly... maybe the Dopus support guys can have that looked into, or possibly provide some additional logic that could go clean up the empty folders created in the selected folders by the command sequence above...?

Note- if you use a button or keybind for a regular CreateFolder (I use the Insert key ala PowerDesk) then be aware that using an explicit READAUTO in a command like we've done above is 'persistent', meaning the next time you call an unqualified CreateFolder, it will inherit the READAUTO if you've executed the commands above... Add an explicit READAUTO=no to your regular CreateFolder button or keybinding to accomodate this...

thanx .. but i realy think that the implementation into the DO code is not so difficult and would add a good point to the feature list .. :wink:

Wow... that response almost makes me feel like one of those overly defensive users that seem to get insulted when someone implies a product should work differently than it currently does :slight_smile:. I'd personally rather see GPSoftware focus their efforts into adding features into Dopus that cannot already be done with the product. But I can definitely understand how some people don't want to have to go through a lot of trial and error to empower themselves to be able to do what they want to do... there's only so much time in a day.

Guess I put way too much work into this... but now I really want it to fully work so I can use it myself without having to remove the extra folders :smiley:. As far as the 'feature' itself is concerned, it seems to me that the commands above do indeed accomplish exactly what was asked about with the annoying exception in the matter of the redundant empty folder creation - which seems like a bug that GPS might be able to fix or alter the behaviour of with an additional switch for the CreateFolder function. I guess I'll start a new topic for that strangeness in the 'Help and Support' section myself then...

In any event, "I" wanted to be able to do what you've proposed and with a little help in the support forum from drworm and JohnZeman this will now do what you want with whatever keybindings or buttons you'd prefer:

To MOVE files and folders, and 'stay' in your current directory:[b]Clipboard CUT CreateFolder {dlgstring|Specify folder-name to create and MOVE files to...} READAUTO Clipboard PASTE Go UP [/b]To COPY files and folders, and change to the new directory:[b]Clipboard COPY CreateFolder {dlgstring|Specify folder-name to create and COPY files to...} READAUTO Clipboard PASTE [/b]Not sure if you'll use it, but thanks for the idea... it's great.

Of course i use it, i needet it, i get it .. so i use it. But it was just a hint/wish .. i Know that many is possible with the script function of DO .. but not everyone is skilled in using script languages.
But when i would ad for every tiny function a button or a shortut i would loose the overview ..

anyway .. thanx for your work..

Sure, but I'm a bit of a fool... I put the wrong syntax above. Here's what you actually need:

To MOVE files and folders, and 'stay' in your current directory (I bound 'Alt + Insert' key to this):[b]sync:dopusrt /cmd Clipboard CUT sync:dopusrt /cmd CreateFolder "{dlgstring|Specify folder-name to create and MOVE files to...}" READAUTO sync:dopusrt /cmd Clipboard PASTE sync:dopusrt /cmd Go UP [/b]To COPY files and folders, and change to the new directory (I bound 'Ctrl + Insert' key to this):[b]sync:dopusrt /cmd Clipboard COPY sync:dopusrt /cmd CreateFolder "{dlgstring|Specify folder-name to create and COPY files to...}" READAUTO sync:dopusrt /cmd Clipboard PASTE [/b]I was trying different things to see what would happen and forgot to 'put them back' in working order when I originally posted my message above with the commands.

thanx a lot ...

hy, thx for that tutorial, but how does it work, if i want to make that new directory in my second lister (dual lister display) ... becaus i need that functions sometimes, that i copy files from left to right.

that would be nice.

I would also like to do this... and after getting this key binding to work I was hoping that I could re-use some of what I thought I'd learned to add a Drop Menu context item to not just Move Here, but to sort of do a Move to New Folder Here. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a way to do this with either dual-pane listers or Drop Menu context commands... Let's see if the guys who helped out in the Help and Support topic I started have any ideas, as this thread was opened in "Feature Requests"... I'll throw it to those other people here: ... 61&forum=3

i guess i found a small workarround... not that nice, but it works.

Clipboard COPY
Select NONE
CreateFolder {dlgstring|Verzeichniss|__NEU} READAUTO
Clipboard PASTE 

it copys the marked files from the source lister in a new folder in the destlister.

Hey dude, check out the link above... as I was readying my round of questions for the Help and Support topic, I also came up with somethign similar. Not sure, but maybe it will work just as well or better for you as what you've done above...