Add files to folder

I have a bunch of files I want to place in separate folders, when you right click the selected files the context menu doesn't list an option to 'add to new folder', or 'add to new folder [filename]'. Is there a quicker way of creating new folders without having to click new folder from the toolbar? The context menu allows you to add to archive using the filename but not add to new folder, it would make a handy feature if this is not already available.

You could add this command to the All Files And Folders context menu:

Copy MOVE HERE CREATEFOLDER="{dlgstring|Enter folder name}"

(It should all be on one line.)

See the section in the manual on File Types for information on adding commands to the context menu.

Thanks for the code Leo, all I need to do now is figure out how to add this to the context menu :confused:

Perhaps you could show me how :question:

Thanks in-advance.

[quote="GsmLord"]Thanks for the code Leo, all I need to do now is figure out how to add this to the context menu :confused:

Perhaps you could show me how :question:

Thanks in-advance.[/quote]
This should help... [url]Tip: Organise and Speed-Up Context Menus]

[ul][li]Go to Settings / File Types[/li]
[li]Locate the All Files and Folders entry, click it then click Edit[/li]
[li]On the Context Menu tab, click the New button[/li]
[li]Change the Type dropdown to Run an Opus function[/li]
[li]Enter a label for the Action field (this is what will appear on the context menu)[/li]
[li]In the function editor, enter the command Leo suggested[/li]
[li]Click OK, then OK, to close the File Type window[/li][/ul]

Cheers Jon & Leo, it works a treat.

This feature will save me so much time although it would be useful if it could grab the name from the file to save typing the folder name each time.

Thanks again.

Change the command to the following:

Copy MOVE HERE CREATEFOLDER="{dlgstring|Enter folder name|{file|noext}}"

Excellent work Jon, I have added both features to the context menu, very handy.

Is there a way of converting the file name to lower case? I receive files in capitals with . (full stops), / (forward slashes) and - (minus slashes) i.e. FILENAME.FILE. Is it possible to automatically convert the filename to lowercase and replace the ./- with an underscore i.e. filename_file?

I would like to learn some basic programming skills, is there a resource for programming script in DOpus, any help is much appreciated.

Thanks again for your support.

You could do the case conversion using a script if you're on Opus 11.

In Opus 10, I think it'd need to e done via a separate rename after creating the item.

Interesting, is Opus 11 built from the ground up or just a big update?

We haven't re-written the entire program from scratch, if that's what you mean.