"Add folder to search..." does not support UNC folders

The "Add folder to search..." button in the "Find in" portion of the Utility Panel does not seem to support adding of additional folders that are UNC or mapped drives. For example, I am searching for log files in two mapped drives, \myServer\e$\logDirectory and \myOtherServer\e$\logDirectory.

The first directory (\myServer\e$\logDirectory) appears as the first directory to search. However, when clicking the "Add folder to search..." option and entering the other directory (\myOtherServer\e$\logDirectory), it (the second directory) does not get added to the list of folders to search. It appears that only certain directories can be added as an additional folder.

Is there a way to be able to add multiple folders that happen to be mapped drives to the Utility Panel/Find dialog?

You should be able to type or paste them directly into the list without using the selection dialog. Select a line and push F2, if I remember correctly. Works on the Add... line as well.

Ahh, yes, that seems to work. Great, thank you. This is the "killer" feature that I wanted to demo to my boss to help us with multiple log file searches across multiple weblogic servers.
Just so we don't have to remember to hit F2, is it possible to get the "Add folder to search..." dialog box itself to accept UNC addresses properly?
Thanks in any event.

Also, just FYI, it looks like my example of backslash backslash host name backslash folder names were chopped off, the UNC's look like this:


The dialog should let you but may get confused if the server isn't enumerating, which can happen.

Another way of adding paths is to drag and drop them from the file display or a similar window into the search list.

Looks like there is a bug here, stopping you typing in a path in that dialog manually in some cases. We'll fix it in the next update.