Add items to "open with"


Right now I have opus computer setup such that "open with" (imported from windows) gives the options for opening the file in various programs which can open it. For example, an image file would have A Open With-> Photoshop, xNview, Pisca2, Windows Image Viewer.

I would like to add some programs to ALL file associations in the "open with" submenu. I'd like all extentions to be openable with Hexedit and with Textpad. Is there an easy way I can do this without having to reset all my associations individually?


It doesn't look like the Open With functionality (which is provided by Windows) works on generic filetypes like "All Files".

The easiest thing to do is add a context menu item to the All Files filetype for each of the programs you want to send files to. It won't be in the Open With sub-menu but apart from that it will do the same thing.