Add new tag to existing tags

What's the best way to add a new tag to multiple files with various tags already assigned?
I don't want to write over or replace all the tags with the new one!

From!Documents/Keywords_for_SetAttr_META.htm :

Tags: Accepts multiple semi-colon separated tags. You can either set the tags absolutely, or add tags to or remove tags from the existing set.

Example :

SetAttr META tags:one;two - sets the tags to "one" and "two"
SetAttr META tags:+one - adds the tag "one" to any existing tags
SetAttr META tags:+one;-two - adds "one" and removes "two"

Ok, great!
Will need a tutorial on Where exactly to type in the code " SetAttr META tags:+"

  1. select all the files
  2. ?

This covers the basics of adding toolbar buttons from commands. (More details can be found in the Customize section of the manual, if you need them.)

Beyond that, the question is what do you want your button to do exactly? Do you want it to add a predefined tag, or prompt you to type a tag, or something else?

Prompt to add additional tags to preexisting tags that would be great!

SetAttr META "tags:+{dlgstring|Enter tags to add, separated by ';' character:}"

When using this, avoid starting any tag names with - (minus), or using tag names that contain ".

That is so cool! It prompts to add the additional tags! Thank you!

Maybe this script addin by kundal could be of interest for you. I strongly can recommend it, since it gives you even more options.

Sorry. How can i only provide a link to the tagger, without any additional text?

It the link is on a line by itself then it turns into a preview of the post, which can be expanded inline to read the whole post without having to open a separate page.

If the link is included in the middle/end of a line of text then it just turns into the thread's title and a link to the thread.

The preview is usually good though, unless it's a post with lots of other things where the extra noise makes things hard to read. So don't worry about it. :slight_smile:

Ok, no problem. Most importantly, the link to the script works. :beers:

where on the C:\ is the path to " dopusdata/Script AddIns"?

You can type a slash, followed by "scripts", to get there.


Thanks for the help but still don't get it, searched:
C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus

Type /scripts into the location field, not the search field.

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Thanks Leo, found it and the Tagger button is working.
Tag search results.
06.wav tagged "fx; rattle snake; loop;"
If "rattle" is tag searched the file is not found. if "rattle snake" is searched it is found.
Without adding the additional tag "rattle", how to search and find "rattle" in "rattle snake;"

Try searching for rattle*

Are we talking about the search field at the top right of the lister that you were typing /scripts into before? That uses Windows Search and whatever rules/syntax it applies. (I'm not actually sure in that case, but I'd try using * as a wildcard as it usually works.)

If we're talking about Tools > Find Files > Advanced, there's a Use Wildcards checkbox under the Tags field there.