Add Restart DOpus in Context Menu

Is there a way of adding to the context menu in the file/folder list a "restart in admin mode"?

Sometimes its necessary for me to restart the program for whatever reason and the way I do it now is to close it out then locate the icon on my desktop and run (in administrator). Would be so much easier to just right-click and have the ability to restart be there.

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MS-DOS Batch Function:

taskkill /IM {file} 
start {file}

  • You can add to files only if you don't want for folders too.
  • By default your added entry on the context menu will be at the bottom, you can rearrange it by dragging.
  • Selected file is closed non-forcibly before being run again as admin, if you need to force-close it, add /F parameter to taskkill.

You shouldn’t normally need to run Opus as admin, and doing that will cause problems. (See the UAC FAQ for details.)

Instead, there should be an Admin button on the default toolbars which you can click to allow that window to do multiple elevated actions without elevating the whole process and with only one UAC prompt.

I have the elevated UAC button, but I have always run DOpus in Admin mode without problems.

Does this command mean that I will restard DOpus in Admin mode or does this mean it effects the files folders?

I am just trying to figure out a way of restarting the program and restarting in Admin mode since I sometimes don't want to deal with the time constraints of the elevated button.

You can use Set ADMIN=toggle,0 to turn on Admin mode in a Lister without an automatic timeout; it'll stay turned on until you turn it off or the Lister is closed.