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I am new to Directory Opus, but from what I have seen it is a great program. There is one thing that I would really love to have, and I wonder if this is possible. I often use a quick menu option and would love to have that option in the form of a button.

I use Google Drive to sync files with the cloud. When I right-click a file, I can use several options:


Would it be possible to add the function 'Copy link to clipboard' to a button?

I have Directory Opus 12.25 x64 installed.

Many thanks for the effort.


Select one of the Google Drive files, then type >contextmenu showcmds directly into the file display itself (a command field should appear when you type the >) and push return.

If the command you want appears in the list, select it and use Copy Command to get the best way to run it from a button.

More detail here: ContextMenu command

Instructions on using commands in buttons here: How to use buttons and scripts from this forum

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Thank you Leo,

Your reply is fast and to the point. Many thanks!

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