Add scan with antivirus to rt click menu

how to I add "scan with Antivirus" to my right click menu?


That will depend on your anti-virus.

Most have options to add the menus themselves. If yours has an option, and it's turned on, but the menu isn't appearing, you may have Opus set to hide the menu. (Does it appear in Explorer?)

Alternatively, if your antivirus does not provide its own menu, it might provide a command-line interface that allows files to be passed to it for scanning, which should be documented in its manual or website. If you can find those details, we can tell you how to make it work with Opus.

It does appear in explorer. Where is that option in Directory opus to "hide the menu".


forgot to mention, it is Norton Security 2015. And I also have Superantispyware installed on the computer and an entry to scan a file with superantispyware does appear in the right click menu.

Norton seem to intentionally hide their context menu outside of any program other than Explorer. (It's even hidden in other Microsoft apps, like the File Open dialogs within Notepad.)

You can work around this by manually adding a context menu item, although it seems every time Norton update their software they change all the paths to the program, so you have to keep updating the menu item. (Perhaps a script could be written to find the program automatically, as another workaround for that. But all of this seems to be intentional on Norton's part, and something they could just stop doing if enough people complain.)

Details are in this thread: Norton Internet Security 21 "Scan Now"