Add selected files and open naming dialogue to right click menu

Hi I have tried following instructions on how to this on the posts here but none have worked for me so far. Can someone help please?

I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to do.

Which instructions have you tried? Please link to them so we have more context.

When you followed them, which part did you get stuck at, or what happened instead of what you wanted?

Sorry Leo meant to say add selected files to new folder

  • Which instructions have you tried?

  • When you followed them, which part did you get stuck at, or what happened instead of what you wanted?

Without knowing that, we're likely to suggest something you've already tried. :slight_smile:

I tried these

The first thread was old and the code in it had been messed up by forum changes. I've fixed it.

None of the items i've copied fron ANY of the posts have worked for me!
I just want to create a folder from selected file and have a dialogue box pop up so that i can name the folder.Is it possible to get an EASY step by step explanation of how to do this please?
I find the above thread to be very totally confusing. I don't understand why this is not a standard menu item or at least have an option to have it included in the right click menu. I keep losing the threads i have found.and I feel that I am out of my depth.
Are there any simple instructions on how to use create these menu items or do you recommend that I go back to using windows explorer or easier still MacOS as Directory Opus seems to be targeted at coders and usage instructions very convoluted?

Have you tried the new code after I fixed the posts?

Thanks. They work now. Can I suggest adding these as options in preferences

The reason we have scripting and a flexible command set is precisely so not everything has to be built in to Preferences.

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Ok. Is there a similar script that works with both files and folders?

That doesn't show in the menu when I select folders

You can put the command almost anywhere you want.

You already know how to edit the All Files right-click context menu. (You posted a screenshot showing it being edited above.)

Edit the All Files and Folders context menu if you want a command that appears for both files and folders.