Add some custom fields to Movies file type infotip

Hi everybody,

I'd like to further customize the infotip for file type Movies.

I use Mp3tag to edit tags for my audio/video files.
Among custom fields there are two special ones I'd like to see in Movies infotip. These fields include:
COMMENT (renamed "Comment" in my Mp3tag)
UNSYNCEDLYRICS (renamed "Contenu" in my Mp3tag)

I cannot find them in the various field dropdown lists when I try to edit Infotips for Movies file type.

Has someone an idea? Many thanks in advance.


Comment may be mapped to User Description, although there may be various different/similar fields, perhaps.

Showing lyrics in tooltips would not make sense as Windows itself imposes quite a small limit on the amount of text they can display. (Or rather, Windows suffers a massive performance degradation once you ask it to display more than a small amount of text in a tooltip.)

Thanks, Leo, for your prompt response as usual.

I'm realizing I should have been more specific about my requirements.

I'm concerned with video files, not audio files. If I'm using UNSYNCEDLYRICS field it is hijaacking it to enter info about movies, not lyrics.

What I'd like to get was to display a brief summary of comment of the selected movie in the displayed infotip.

Apparently it is not possible due to Windows limitation if I get you correctly.

Why misuse a lyrics field rather than one of the general comments fields that are also already supported in infotips? Seems a strange thing to do!

You're correct. Actually it was a beginner's error. I now have fixed the issue by using userdesc field instead as suggested. It works but actually space is limited there as you said.

UNSYNCEDLYRICS was the only available field that I could found in the list of fields offered by Mp3tag for entering custom comments. I think I would have to contact its developer about the issue.

Thanks anyway for your attention and help.


I haven't used Mp3tag with video files but, at least with audio files, I think it lets you define whatever tags you want.

Glad to let you know that I seem to have solved the issue. I just realized that VLC Media Player would allow me to edit metadata for my video files. So I used its Comments field and was able to display my comments in DOpus intotip as Contents: {comments}.

However while mkv type is included in Movies file type list, only basic file info is displayed in the infotip when I hover on a mkv file. What's wrong? Many thanks in advance.

Metadata support for MKV is more limited at the moment. Something we plan to improve in the future.

Thanks. I look forward to it since most of my movie files are MKV. Thanks anyway.

Sorry, me again. Please have a look at the attached screenshot. This is Current Media Information displayed by VLC for the selected movie.
Could you let me know which DOpus field I should match to Comments field marked by the red arrow? Many thanks in advance.

It depends what VLC writes it into, which I don't know, but you won't be able to see that much info via an infotip. The cap is around 256 or 512 chars, as I remember.

I see. Thanks again.

I will give up my idea of displaying this Comments info in an infotip. I will use a tag editor rather to display it.

I would expect Opus' comment field to display this info. If it does not, use ExifTool or MediaInfo to find out, in which field the data is stored.

Custom columns can easily be displayed in infotips.

BTW, at least ExifTool will work for UNSYNCEDLYRICS as well.